Terms & Conditions

The following items are NOT Acceptable:

  • No hazardous materials (such as Pool chemicals, etc.)
  • No Oil, Gas, Diesel fuel or Transmission fluid
  • No Tires
  • No WHITE GOODS. No Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dryers, Freezers, Air Conditioners
  • No Asbestos
  • No wet paint (Latex only, if dry)
  • No batteries
  • No propane tanks or gas tanks
  • No Fire extinguishers
  • No metal drums
  • No TV’s, computers or electronics
  • No Brush, Soil or Stumps or leaves from Trees (A separate Brush Dumpster can be rented solely for Brush and Stumps.)



  • I understand if any UNACCEPTABLE items are found in the dumpster and a fine is issued by transfer station, the customer agrees to pay the fine issued with the credit card on file or be billed for the amount of the fine
  • Please don’t fill the dumpster above the top rim.
  • Late return fee is $12/day

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